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Integrating Optimizely with Google Analytics

Are you a user of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics or UA)? Do you also leverage Optimizely for running your A/B and MVT test? Have you wanted to integrate both solutions so that you can analyze and report on the campaign (success or failure) within one centralized area? If you answered yes to these, don’t fret […]

Integrating Adobe Target into a 3rd Party Analytics Tool

Adobe Target is a great tool to use for A/B and MVT testing but what happens if you don’t leverage Adobe Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst) for your analytics and reporting needs? Are you still able to have both systems communicate with each other so that everything is “integrated”? The simple answer to the questions is a […]

Pros and Cons to Excluding Extreme Orders in Adobe Target

Extreme Orders, in Adobe Target, are defined as orders that are more than 3 standard deviations away from your average order value (plus or minus 3). This blog posting will look at a use case of an extreme order and show both the pros and cons for excluding the order entirely. Lets say, for example, […]

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Understanding Script Profile Parameters within Adobe Target

Script profile parameters, within Adobe Target, define a profile attribute on the profile attributes page.  They are defined in Target itself rather than within the actual page level code, which provides business with increased flexibility within the tool itself. These parameters can store totals such as number of visits as well as number of days […]

Setting up news feeds within Adobe Target

The campaign launch pad, within Adobe Target, provides users with a quick and easy way to get a view into your Target program. Today’s posting describes what the news feed is and how you can begin to leverage it. So what is the news feed? Simply put its a mechanism for displaying and notifying business […]

Quality Assurance Testing within Adobe Target

Whether you are brand new to Adobe Target or a seasoned pro, QA or Quality Assurance testing of your campaigns is of the utmost importance to ensure that they look and act the way you expect them to prior to pushing to production. This blog posting will describe several ways to test so that you […]

When does Adobe Target count a visitor within campaign data vs. doesn’t?

There are several instances where a visitor is and isn’t counted within a campaign that Adobe Target users should be aware of. This blog posting will show both the times it is counted and the times that it is not so you are fully aware. Below are the times when it is not counted: Falls […]

Leveraging Adobe Data Workbench Segments within Adobe Target

Have you created segments within Adobe Data Workbench (formerly Adobe Insight) that you would like to utilize within Adobe Target but you are unsure how to do so? This blog posting will describe how to do so. First before I jump in, I apologize if I go from Data Workbench to Insight and back again. […]

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Understanding Campaign Life Cycle within Adobe Target

Within Adobe Target, there is a life cycle for setting up, analyzing and executing campaigns.  This blog posting will describe each step in the process and provide some color around each.  There isn’t a predefined order – as your organization might swap or even omit certain steps.  Below are the steps within the campaign life […]

“How Do I…” Add an mbox in Adobe Target

Mboxes, or marketing boxes, within Adobe Target, provide the browser the ability to communicate with Adobe’s system so that you can perform A/B, MVT and landing page optimization test. This blog posting describes how you can add these to your site to begin taking advantage of all the great functionality that the system provides. Before […]

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